Monday, 19 October 2015

Twilight market stall

The VCAL students at my son's secondary school organise and run a Twilight Market as part of their program. I had a stall there last Friday, shared with my friend and work colleague Kate.

We had a full day of markets on Friday - Kate was set up at the local Seniors' Festival in the morning, and I joined her there at lunchtime. We had been told the festival was crazy last year, and everybody sold out of everything, but I think the free food and entertainment were more popular at this years' festival, and we sold next to nothing! Thankfully the Twilight Market was better for sales!

One bonus from the Seniors' market was that we were given these gorgeous bunches of helium balloons when we were packing up, they brightened up our stall and helped bring more people over for a look ( and we gave them away to any younger kids still there at the end of the market!).

It was lots of fun, especially with the added bonus of getting to hand pick through the second hand school uniform stall to outfit Tigerboy ready to start high school next year. He is no where near as tall as his big brother was at the same age, so he won't fit into any hand-me- down uniform for a while yet, so I was going to have to buy a whole new set of uniform, just for a year's worth of wear. So I was very happy to find a looks-like-it- has- never- been- worn school jacket!

And how great does our stall look! The green velveteen fabric ( $4 for a 5-6 metre long piece, found at an op shop last year) and wooden boxes ( mine are old ammo boxes I used to keep CD's in) work really well together. My macrame hangers are hanging on an old art smock stand from work which was on its way to the op shop, when I intervened, bought it home and slapped some white paint on it. It is the perfect height for displaying macrame hangers or calico bags. It is definitely more fun sharing a stall rather than going solo, Kate is a market pro now with 3 markets notched up. We are hoping to find one more to do before Christmas!

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  1. The stall looks great. Dianne are very resourceful. I am also hoping to do a market before Christmas.
    I can relate to the uniform - my #3 was smaller than #1 to. I did end up purchasing a new dress however I still had #4 who was going to used it.


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