Monday, 5 October 2015

Macrame pot hangers and other stuff...

Coming up on Friday 16 October is a Twilight Market at Brunswick Secondary College. The market is organised and run by the VCAL students as part of their studies. I will have a stall there again, similar to the Sussex St Artisan Market - ok, basically selling the same stuff... So I thought maybe I should make something new for this market...
So last week I made a couple of macrame hanging planters!
(left to right)
1. Blue nylon cord plus original birch brand green macrame beads ( an op shop find years ago, 2 bags of macrame beads, green only. Just had to wait for macrame to come back into fashion so I could use the beads!)
2. White cotton rope with green beads
3. Natural cotton rope, sprayed with 2 shades of green dye
4. Natural cotton rope, wet and sprayed with several colours - red/ orange/ blue/ green from memory
5. Blue nylon rope
6 Green nylon rope - stiff & slippery to use so only made 1 of these, using rest of rope for another craft project.
7. Natural cotton rope, sprayed blue & purple.

There is quite a noticeable difference between the rope which was dyed when dry -number 7; and the rope which was dyed when dripping wet - number 4. The colours bleed in together on the wet rope, and are more muted, plus they soak through to both sides of the rope. Whereas the colours sprayed onto the dry rope sit on the surface and look as though they were painted on with a dry brush.

Here is another rope sitting in my "spray booth" - you can see by the wet newspaper and blended colours, the rope has been soaked in water first before spraying the pink and orange paint on. Then I hang it up to dry overnight ( or a few hours in this current heat!) before tying all the knots.

Basic instructions for the pot hangers are from here -

PLUS I will be sharing the stall with the lovely Kate and her beautiful scented candles ( the french pear, & lemongrass candles in my lounge room smell divine!).

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  1. I love that things like this are popular again! My mum made all sorts of macrame pot hangers and wall art when I was little, so it always makes me feel a little nostalgic. Best of luck with the market!

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

    1. Thanks Katie! I remember doing macrame at school, with that rough, scratchy macrame yarn...amazing that it took a couple of decades before anyone thought to use any other type of yarn / rope, other colours etc! My MIL gave me a folder full of her original macrame books, patterns etc. - must try some of them, like the frog or owl wall hangings!


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