Sunday, 29 November 2015

Cook book find, cake baking, and current sewing projects

The JediKid (also known as "The Tall One"; or " Shorty" courtesy of my Dad!) turned 15 last week. So I baked a cake, & my H decorated it. Perfect for a geek/ nerd teen...

( shown with an actual controller for scale & design!)
The tradition in our house is that the birthday person gets to pick where to go for dinner. The birthday boy did suggest Vue de Monde (as if!) ,... but settled for curry at Kake di hatte in Lygon St instead. We parked in a side street and had just started walking to the restaurant, when I spied a pile of books on the front fence of a small block of apartments. A sign on the fence said something like " try a new recipe - free cookbooks, please take". How could I resist?

The cupcakes book is really just fancy smancy ideas for decorating cupcakes, so I might donate it to the opshop. A couple of recipes in the Philly cheese " simply heaven" books look good. Always looking for a new cheesecake recipe to try!
I finally got some sewing done this week, first time in ages the overlocker has been out. I picked up this little retro sewing table a while back, and although I have to store it outside ( in the outdoor loo in fact!) and bring it in the house to use, it is the perfect height for sewing, I don't need to have an extension cord across the floor, and it frees up the dining table for cutting out etc. The bracket for the other side table bit (on the right side) is missing, but I don't have the space to put that bit up anyway.

And what did I sew? - three more scoop tee's of course! i love my last stripe/ print combo one so much, I made a spot/ stripe one, shown in progress here. Will have to remember to take photos if the 3 new tees for next time.

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  1. What a great birthday cake. Happy Birthday to JediKid - I take it he is a star wars fan :)
    I made some yummy mini cheesecakes at the weekend for Ms S's birthday party - not one left. I used cream cheese and condensed milk with YIAH Lemon myrtle dukkah.
    Looks like a great t in progress.

  2. Thanks! Yes he is a Star Wars fan- but then so am I so the kids had no choice really! Mini cheesecakes sound good, I make a similar version with cream & condensed milk, on a base of a biscuit soaked in orange juice. I use gluten free biscuits for a gf version if I need to take a gf dessert for work/ friends.


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