Monday, 23 May 2016

Day trip to Labassa historic house

My lovely friend Fiona phoned me around lunchtime on Saturday and asked if I wanted to go out for an afternoon mini road trip. Labassa historic house in Caulfield was open for a fifties themed open house event   I had about half an hour to eat a quick lunch (toast!), get the last load of washing  sorted, mix up some hambugers, and get ready to go out! ( oh, and phone my H to say finish fishing & head home ASAP!)

So putting together a 50's style outfit came down to my black & white striped mandy tee, denim skirt, vintage red cardi, black mary janes ( even the teenager said the shoes were right "like on call the midwife mum, is that in the 50's?").

Plus extra mascara, eye liner & plenty of red lippy! (of course we forgot to take a photo of us, sorry we are not the selfie generation!)  But I did take lots of photos of the house!

And we had afternoon tea - divine chocolate cake for me, devonshire tea & scones for Fiona. A lovely finish to a lovely day out!

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