Thursday, 12 May 2016

I can knit a rainbow, knit a rainbow too

Buoyed by the sucess of my first ever knitted blanket, I had an idea of knitting something bigger, something a rainbow!
When I was pregnant with the Jedi Kid years ago, my cousin gave me a brightly stiped " ripple blanket" ( long before I knew they were called that!)  it has been in contast use ever since. It was used for middle of the night breast feeds, for toddler snuggles on the couch, for making indoor cubby houses
In fact the boys still use it now for Saturday morning tv watching, and especially when someone is not feeling well - the call goes out " I need the rainbow blanket".
So I got to thinking...maybe I can knit a rainbow blanket too!  Here is the progress so far-


  1. You have made a lot of progress. It is looking lovely. I love the red/orange/yellow - so bright perfect.

  2. Thanks - I can't believe how big it is now! Still a lot of grey to go but can't help thinking about making another one already! Very pleased with the colours - although the purple has not really shown up in the photo unfortunately.


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