Tuesday, 24 May 2016

My new favourite skirt ( all.kinds of awesome!)

Fabric purchased at Roxy Super Cheap fabrics last week - I ducked in to the shopping centre at lunchtime in search of a sausage roll. Then I walked past Super Cheap, so I thought " ok, one quick lap around the shop"  I grabbed a couple of bolts of fabric on my " quick lap" - and then found out that everything in the store was $3 a metre!.  So I bought a couple of bits of fabric ( and then bought my lunch!).

I had a sewing day yesterday and made a couple of tops- the Sew Different 2 hour top free pattern, not quite finished, not sure if I want bias binding or facing on the neck and hemline.

Then I played around with an idea for a skirt. I remembered the hidden front pockets on Vogue 1247, seen over on  Thornberry  a while ago.  I folded the front piece to make a couple of pockets, then carefully sewed in white on the white part of the fabric in between the print. The fabric has enough stretch and didn' t need a separate " yoga" waistband- in fact I had to add an extra dart in the back.

I wore it to work today and had sooo many compliments! (I work with the best people!) and it was sooo super comfy. After a rather crazy stressful day - password on computer playing up, arguing on the phone over equipment orders,  visits starting late & running over time, lunch at 3pm, leaving later than planned ( where did that last hour go?!) I could have been getting grumpy, but everytime I looked down at my funky new skirt I couldn't help but smile! I think it might be my new favourite skirt!!!


  1. Hope you had a better day today.
    What a great skirt - it looks fabulous and the hidden pockets a bonus!

  2. Those pockets are so well hidden - I love them! The skirt is gorgeous and is definitely deserving of all those compliments.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff


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