Friday, 26 August 2016

Bargain craft books

Ok I admit it, I am a bit fond of $2 shops. Daiso of course is in a class of its own.  But some other stores have great craft sections.   I spotted these 2 books - 1about  sewing and the other is about knitting, in a shop last week.
I was flipping through the sewing book and thought some of the patterns looked familiar - a quick look through the publication details confirmed that the patterns had indeed been previously published in " Sew Hip" magazine. 
The knitting book has a few interesting shawl patterns, and at $4 a book I thought it was worth buying. I do like the look of the stylish wrist warmers and Tunia scarf, and I particularly like the idea of using up " loose odds and ends" by making a "Thrifty shawl".


  1. Look like 3 great projects. Hope you share when you have a chance to complete :)

  2. I will have to look for some suitably coloured sock yarn for the mitts - I really like the grey-with- coloured-flecks as shown in the photo!


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