Saturday, 6 August 2016

Denim bag makeover

I found a good sized denim bag at the op shop this week. I have been planning on making some, but I liked the size and shape of this one, plus for $1 it was a good buy, and worth experimenting on.
I played around with some pieces from my doily collection and decided this one looked great with the it was the right size to cover up the branding on the bag. I added a piece of ribbon - also to cover up the printing, then decided to go all out and add lining and a pocket. I do have plenty of orange fabric left over from my costume project after all!
The final touch was a button and button hole to fasten the bag and it is done!


  1. Awesome! You wouldn't know it was the same bag. Very handy.

  2. Thanks! i really must take a photo outside in the sunlight because these photos really don't capture the colours well.


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