Monday, 29 August 2016

Sewing round up for August

Looking through recent photos on my phone, I realised I have a few unblogged creations.
I finally finished off a jacket I started months ago ( ok.probably last year) from the Mollie Makes.sewing special - classed as a " biker jacket" from.memory, fabric was from Anne's fabrics in Sydney Rd, I think it is a wool.blend because it is quite warm for a simple unlined jacket. I like the colour and shape, and I had several compliments when I wore it to work, but the problem is with the overlapping front - what do you do when it is undone? I rarely wear jackets done up - unless I am.outside in the cold! - So when the heater is on at work, or the sun comes out - I don't know which way to wear the asymetrical jacket when it is open!

Just to mix it up a bit - I also made some bags
A work colleague asked me to make a bag for her mum, so I made 4!

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