Saturday, 18 February 2017

Saturday morning Savers

Tigerboy has started playing tennis on Saturday mornings and was to have had today off but was asked to fill in for another player. My H had already planned to go fishing this morning,  so I got tennis duty. 
Those who know me will understand my complete lack of both ability and interest in anyrhing sporting.  Especially tennis. Ever since I was a kid, as soon as my parents would turn the tv to the tennis, I would leave the room and go read a book. Some one at one end hits a ball, someone at the other end hits it back-yada yada yada yawn yawn yawn. No offence, but I would rather watch paint dry.  Ditto pretty much any other sport.  Equestrian events- show jumping, dressage, cross country- are about the only sports I can watch and enjoy ( mainly because there is still that horse mad kid inside me!).
So once we got to tennis this morning, I went for a walk. 45 mins walking around the sports grounds, then  I walked down to Sydney Road to nip into Anne's fabrics for some white cotton lawn to finish making a dress ( when I tried it on I realized it needed some lining!). But most of the shops don' t open til 10 on Saturday!
Savers was open though- yay!  I hardly ever go there as  I prefer the little independant op shops, but I had  20 mins to fill in, and I found some wonderful treasures!  The best one was this sprouting set- it was meant to be, because in the last few days I have been looking at a packet of sprout seeds and thinking about trying to grow sprouts again, and then I spotted this! Looking forward to some home grown salad sprouts in a few days!


  1. That looks like a nifty little device! What sort of seeds do you have in it?

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

  2. Alfalfa seeds in the top tray, and I think mung beans and soya beans in the second ( from a packet mix called " stir fry sprouts". There was actually a second sprout set at Savers (which sounds a bit like a tongue twister, try saying it quickly 5 times!) but I opted for the one in the box with an instruction sheet!


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