Sunday, 5 February 2017

Vintage op shop pattern shopping

If I spy a box of sewing patterns at an op shop I can't resist looking through, you just never know what treasures you might find! 
Like these recently found treasures- unopened 70's patterns, an 80's dress ( hey it has pockets!) and a dressing gown pattern which will come in handy one day if I need to make some Jedi robes!


  1. Brilliant bunch of patterns! I recently found a copy of McCall's 2275, too - it's rather splendid.

    Those 1980s dresses have a bit of a 1920s vibe going on. If I imagine them with a bit of beaded sparkle and feathered head-dresses, they look quite alright! Plus, pockets are a win no matter what.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

  2. You are so right with the 1920's vibe- I didn't make that connection, but yes! (In the right fabric I could just imagine Miss Fisher solving a crime in such an outfit!)


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