Sunday, 21 January 2018

Darth tee version 2

Last year I made a freezer paper stencilled Darth Vader tee shirt, in time to wear it to see "Rogue One".

I had always wanted to try the Vader image with a floral print fabric, but was wondering how to do it, while looking for the right small print.

A lucky op shop find with a card of sample fabrics yielded a suitable print. Next step was to slightly enlarge and modify the design a little, then trace it on to the paper backing of some double sided interfacing - all using my handy kmart light box!
I ironed the fabric onto the interfacing and carefully cut it out.
After a lot of measuring and re arranging, I figured out the best placement of the image. I marked some guidemarks with fabric chalk, and ironed the 3 pieces on very carefully!

The final step was just as fiddly- applique stitch ( fine zig zag) on the sewing machine around all the edges, to make sure it stays put!  Very happy with the results!  ( and found the perfect spot to pose for a photo today too, outside Imax!)


  1. A floral Darth Vader! That's so inventive and it looks fabulous.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff

  2. Thanks Katie! Kind in the style of the 60's hippies putting flowers on army tanks!


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