Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Sewing adventures January 2018

You know I don't just sew clothes, right? That I also tend to try out all sorts of crafty ideas...I know my work buddies have seen some of my more unusual makes, and repairs! This is another one for work-

I had a clean up of my toy cupboard at the end of the year, and decided I didn't really need this toy caterpillar, it is not a useful toy, or something I can add to a story or game.  But... It is nice and long, and could maybe work as a weighted lap toy...
So I bought some cheap sinkers from kmart (after doing the math to figure out whether smaller but more in the pack vs larger but less in the pack would be better value and more weight. Uh huh- not a calculation that would usually happen in the fishing section of kmart! Anyway I ended up with 6 long heavy sinkers, about 300/350g from memory. I sewed a calico insert to hold them in place, unstitched each end of the caterpillar, inserted the weight and rearranged the stuffing around it.
A quick bit of hand sewing to put it back together, and its done!   Now I really must finish some more "finished" bags for work too.

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