Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Next Monday night...

Next Monday night is craft group at the Post office pub again, see you there from 7:30pm.  I will be there early with the kids to order some dinner from Antalya since my H will be away at a conference. 
These are the finished - and one not quite finished - Cozy Creatures!  Other craft achievments - I have knitted a beanie! (Hey it's my first time, ok!) a bit big but it fits over a pony tail/hairclip so the extra size comes in handy. So  then I worked out how to make it smaller and did a kid size one  for Tigerboy.   Started a pink one for my neice, and my nephew wants a brown one "but with the bit in front, you know, like a cap" he says. The pattern I used - guaranteed to work, since it is printed on the band on the ball of wool - does not include a brim. Not sure how to solve this one yet...

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  1. they are pretty cool cozy creatures!
    that definitely would be pretty funny in the microwave.
    thanks also for popping by Dianne!


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