Thursday, 24 June 2010

scrap circle brooches

I just couldn't sleep last night until I had tried making one of these, it was all I could think about all day!
So I made the one on the top left - orange, brown and burgundy circles on a base of black felt- and wore it to work today.  Had a couple of people admire it at work!  I tried out a button hair clip idea too - buttons sewn onto a small strip of black felt, then glued to a hair clip.
When the afternoon tea after school visitors went home and the boys were busy battling each other in Mario, I sat down to make a couple more scrap circle brooches - but this time I got out a compass and made some pattern pieces first, 7 circles starting with a 6 1/2 cm one, gradually getting smaller. Easy as! The only hard part is playing around with colour combinations and choosing the right button for the centre.

AND we have a FEMALE Prime Minister! What a day!  For the first time in my life I turned the car radio away from Triple J and tuned into 774 to hear the anouncement on the way to work this morning! (thanks to a mate at school telling me about it, I don't get to hear the radio much in the morning at home).

  Although the kids were listening to Michael Winslow on breakfast with Tom and Alex the day before.  They watched "Spaceballs" the other weekend, which they loved, - a send up of Star Wars- and know Michael Winslow from a cameo spot as the radar guy making cool radar sound effects. They thought it was hilarious, the "jamming the radar" (with jam) and "combing the desert". But we  told them they are NOT allowed to quote the couple of naughty words in it!

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