Wednesday, 23 June 2010

school craft market sewing

My motto (well, one of them) is "it doesn't hurt to ask, all you can do is ask nicely. The worst that can happen is that they will say no!".  So I put a note in the school newsletter asking for people who can sew/knit if they would like to help out making stuff at home, in their own time, for the school twilight market next November.  And WOW about 8 people so far are have taken home kits to make pincushions (like the one in the left hand side of the headline photo up above), scrap circle flowers to make hairclips and decorate an assortment of up-coming projects, and working on some simple softie ideas.  Plus some fabric was donated, and I found more donated fabric in the PFA storeroom, already have plans for that!
THANK YOU all you wonderful helpers, I have to get organized and work on making more kits - instructions, finished  "demo" item, fabric etc. ready to send home next term/over the holidays.
But first I do have to try out a larger version of the scrap circle brooch that I was admiring  this morning! And I have 3 patch-piece scarves to finish for   work colleagues who spotted mine the day after I made it and wore to work, and immediately all put an order in for me to make them one!

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