Thursday, 13 January 2011

Brickvention this Sunday!

For those like me, whose households and holidays revolve around Lego -  Brickvention is on this Sunday at the Melbourne Town Hall.  The crowd will be HUGE - there have been at least 3 big write ups in The Age so far over the past few weeks.  When we first went 2 years ago, it was just us and about a dozen other families; last year people were queued up for 2 blocks waiting to get in!  
As you can see in the photo, Harry Potter Lego was the big gift item for the JediKids' birthday and Christmas this year. I have to admit it is very cool, the detail of the Hogwarts School, Hagrid's hut, the Burrow and the Hogwarts Express is all amazing.  All he needs now to complete the set is the Quiddich match. Lucky he still  has some birthday money to spend!

Do you find yourself glued to the tv at the moment?  Thank goodness the ABC is running the floods news all day.  I have been enjoying  the new SBS show "the late session with Waleed Aly " (especially with the wonderful line up of Clare Bowditch, Deb Mailman and Maggie Beer this week!); and his co-presenting of the extended ABC news breakfast program this week has been impressive also.

I've got to say that as a Teacher of the Deaf, I am getting a big buzz out of seeing an Auslan imterpreter  at each of  the news conferences, right there on screen, prime time on national television!  Fantastic that the very strong Qld Deaf Society  basically got up and said 'lots of deaf people live here and can't access the news, we will provide auslan interperters for the main news announcements'.

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