Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Queensland flood relief- a craft help idea

Hi all, some of you may have already seen my email about the rainbow comfort packs. Read up about the Bushfire  rainbow comfort packs here  - basically, it is a hand made bag, containing a hand made softie, something to do (colouring book and pencils, puzzle book, small game/card game etc., and some socks & undies, packed for a specific age group) - something for kids to have and to do while waiting at an evacuation centre etc.

I have been emailing the lovely Monica at beyond pink and blue ( who set up and managed the bushfire rainbow effort), and she is working on the logistics.  Details when they come to hand will also be posted on the handmade help site

 I will keep you posted, but it looks pretty certain it will go ahead.  I am planning on setting aside some time next week to sit down and sew up a pile of simple bags (simple shopper type bag with a long strap to go across the body, maybe a velcro closure if I get back to spotlight (under the back table in  the Brunswick store, pre-cut 1m lenghts scanned at only 50c each!)
If you would like to buy some cool stuff to put in the bags, I just bought my boys a cool puzzle book each, Angus and Robertson Puckle St store, $1 each. Plus they had the "how to draw warriors" and "manga" books for $1 also, just need to add in some pencils.

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