Wednesday, 26 January 2011

GJ's fabrics, bunny love and capes!

I have been shopping at GJ's ever since they were out the back of Barkley Square (before they added the food court !).  I don't know how it came up in conversation, but Georgie and I discovered a mutual connection of bunny love (we both had pet rabbits) and would share bunny stories whenever I went to the store. She still has a bunny, I would dearly love another  and have promised the kids one, but with  myxo running rampant it it not worth the risk, so we are contemplating guinea pigs instead. There is a petition to lobby the govt. to allow the myxo vaccine to be used in Australia (it is available in Europe) - please sign it.  There was a big photo and article on the front of the Sunday age about 3 weeks ago, with vets all over Melbourne saying they are having to euthenase pet bunnies all the time at the moment due to myxo

Visited GJ's on Monday - my MIL makes the most amazing quilts, but lives on the other side of town, so she came over for the day  for a visit and we went  to GJ's.  They have a brand new website - link above - check out all those gorgeous colours!

My boys picked out some fabric offcuts for my to make some capes - a dark green rushed velour for a Voldemort cape, and the most amazing black-with-flames satin for a ??? not-sure-who-cape but it should look pretty cool!  That is my task today - sewing capes while listening to the Hottest 100! One of the lovely ladies in GJ's drew me a quick sketch and showed me a quick easy way to make a cape with a hood, so with a quick search of the net yesterday, and a read of an old WW "kids parties and dress ups"book, I think I know what I am doing. I will post some photos if they work out!!!

PS This goes to show how old our old fridge was - - when the bloke arrived with the new fridge last week, he took one look at our old one and said "geez, no wonder you are getting a new fridge!"

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