Monday, 10 January 2011

Random Holiday stuff...

The holidays have been fairly relaxing so far, well, after the to-ing and fro-ing of family Christmas catch ups that is. We even managed a couple of days at the beach, just walking, collecting rocks, looking in rockpools etc.  The best part was just hanging out together, the 4 of us doing the Giant Crossword in The Age (they take ages though, we are generally about 4 days behind. But a great insight into what general knowledge the kids have - we have both been quite impressed with their efforts!). AND we managed to NOT turn on the tv or have the kids PLAY THE DS for 3 days at the beach!  Which of course has all changed now we are home!
Lots of lego, watching Clone Wars, Pokemon this morning, in our pj's still. 
Heading off to the Westgarth again on Wednesday to see "Tangled" and planning on visiting "The Friendship Tree" whilst in Northcote. I can't believe how it has changed in the 10 years since I was teaching there, all those trendy shops and cafes on High St now!

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  1. I love High st and I love the Friendship Tree, except I spend too much when I go there! Thanks for the comment Dianne. I don't know if you realized you commented on the Pay It Forward post. That means you are the first person I will make something hand made for. If you want, send me your email address. I don't know what I will make or when I will have it done but my mind is ticking.


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