Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hand stitched note books

I have been wanting to make some hand stitched note books for a while. I had collected a stack of A4 cardboard from the recycling tub at work years ago, along with superseded letterhead paper. Trimmed up with my paper trimmer to half A5 size (ie. cutting an A4 page into 4). Handmade style magazine (UK) had this project in a recent issue, which was just what I needed to figure out how to get the sewing right.

The hardest part was finding a bookbinders awl tool- eventually had to buy a set of 5 weird tools from Bunnings to get the one I wanted, and got a very sore hand "drilling" the holes through each book. Vintage crochet cotton to sew them together, and some cute washi tape & fancy packing tape for decoration...ta dah!

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