Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Max rarely sits still, especially for a photo (note the wagging tail!)
In fact he tends to run away from cameras & mobile phones. Luck he wasn't sure what the iPad was, so I managed to sneak a quick snap on the weekend!
Craft stuff coming up - http://www.northcotetownhall.com.au/Page/page.asp?Page_Id=1177&h=0. Winter artisan market at Northcote Town Hall. Can't make hyperlink work though, sorry.
Brunswick NorthWest PS have their winter market coming up, Saturday 22 June I think.
Melbourne Craft Show at Jeff's shed is coming up late July too.
Coburg West PS will have a craft stall at the Officeworks birthday party, Coburg Mill homemaker centre, Saturday June 22 ( must remember to sort out some stock & a display!)

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