Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Knitting mitts- easy as pattern

Another pair of mitts, for my other niece who is rather fond of purple. They are very quick & easy to make. Good for knitting on the train or in front of the tv
I like a quick result, so prefer to knit with 2 balls of wool. This also makes some unique colour combos, especially with the multicolour acrylics I use for the base of these mitts (bought from Big W or K-Mart), teamed with either a plain colour/ mix colour, usually from The Yarn Barn down the road in Reynard St.
So... The pattern. Cast on 24 stitches (22 or 20 for smaller kids, or maybe 26 or 28 for grown ups) with 2 wools. Knit 2x2 rib for about 6 rows, then change the plain colour for another and continue in stocking stitch for about 25 rows, change back to first colour again for 2 rows before casting off. OR stay with same 2 colours. OR finish with more 2x2 rib. Up to you, easy to do lots of variations. Sew up, leaving a gap for a thumb hole. That's it! Easy as.

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