Monday, 17 June 2013

Lamp makeover

I bought this lamp for the boy's room years ago, for about $5 from Kmart. It was moved into a lounge room when we rearranged the room earlier this year, hoping for inspiration to give the lamp a "make over".

Flicking through some copies of "Better homes & gardens" mag, and watching "Kirstie's vintage home" on Thursday night, I had an idea!

Many many years ago, at uni (although it was actually still a "college" back then), when I was doing my teaching degree, our art course was very thorough. One of the multitude of amazing things we did, was to spin a ball of wool! As I have only taught myself to knit in the last few years, this ball of very badly spun natural wool (it still has a fair bit of lanolin in it!)has languished in the bottom of a craft box, waiting for its moment to shine!

...which it now does, literally shine! Wrapped around the lamp frame, there was just enough wool, and the lamp is actually brighter now, with light peeping out from the little gas in the wool ( ie. the unevenly spun bits, some thick, some thin, are now a "design feature").

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