Friday, 26 July 2013

Off to the craft fair!

I headed into the craft fair yesterday afternoon after work. I had a small list of specific things to look for- a yellow fat quarter for a sewing project; some nice bright washi tape in yellow, green, orange and blue; some new stamp pads to replace my nearly 20 year old ones which are pretty faded now!; and some jewellery bits & pieces for a lovely girl at work to make some necklaces with ( after she admired some of mine, and I told her I made it from bits & pieces from the craft show!).
I found plenty of washi tape-

Ok, so the music, keyboard and birds were not on my list, but I figured that last year I bought some Elvis fabric to make a bag for my son's piano teacher for Christmas, so I will make something (not sure what yet!) with the music themed washi tape this year! And the birds- I just had to get it! I'm sure to find plenty of opportunities to "put a bird on it"!

If you are going to the craft show & looking for washi tape, I have to recommend stall C26 "the paper craft hub". $3 a roll, and they have all the washi on a brilliant display, so you can see all the rolls, and even have sample tags for most colours. I bought some for $2.50 each/ 5 for $10 at another stall first ( maybe art stamps? Forgot to take note of the name, but it was in row A or B. Had to dig through a tray of tape to find colours. Then when I got to "Craftqueen" where I had intended yo buy the washi, having seen the amazing range on their website, I was very disappointed to see that you had to dig through a deep tub of random colours (at $3.50 each too) - so I went back to the paper craft hub and told the stall holder their that her washi display was head and shoulders above the rest, and bought 2 more rolls!

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