Monday, 4 January 2016

Holiday reading...

I read about this wonderful new home grown craft book in The Age recently, so I asked for a copy for Christmas!

It is rather huge, full of gorgeous photos - crafts are divided by type ( eg. printing, weaving, sewing) with a gallery of photos of contemporary artists' work, and section on tools required, hints and tips, and a project with step by step instructions. Where to start?!
I have been reading through the sections on weaving and tapestry, especially since I bought myself a copy of Mollie Makes - because it came with a mini weaving loom. ( found at the newsagent in Woodend a few weeks ago, but seen in Woollies supermarket last week!).

I went to see "The Dressmaker" last night, wonderful movie, so theatrical, and the dresses!!! My friend F & I stayed to read the credits to see where it was filmed, and I saw that the train line/ station was filmed at Muckleford, on the Castlemaine/ Maldon historic rail line .
We went on a train trip there a few years ago. And the big shiny black locomotive was the same type (R class I think) as the one that used to be parked out the front of the train station in Bendigo when I was a kid, and we used to climb all over it. Then sometime in the 80's it was discovered that the loco was actually in pretty good nick, so the train was carefully removed from it's spot in the park - extra track was laid down, to roll the train out on the the road until it was almost at the front door of the appropriately named " Terminus" hotel! - before loading it onto a massive truck to be towed away and restored. I must dig through my old boxes of photos to see if I can find some photos of it.

I am planning on going to see "The Suffragette" next week, so before I do I am going to re- read these 2 books, bought over 25 years ago, rediscovered at the top of the book shelf yesterday (I though they were lost!). I loved them when I first read them, opened my eyes to a part of history I had never known about. Do you know why the colours green, white and violet are used for international womens' day events? The suffragettes picked the colours to represent their cause - Green for GIVE, white for WOMEN, violet for VOTE.

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