Saturday, 16 January 2016

This belt was made for walking...

I have been trying to get up in the morning & go for a walk, trying to clock up at least 5000 steps per day. Easier to do it while it is school holidays, plus we are dog sitting at the moment so ofter going for two walks each day!
Although I managed to add a pocket into my exercise pants so I can carry my phone, I need an extra pocket at the moment to have quick access to the poo bags!
While looking for ideas to print on some t- shirts (next blog post for that one!) I came across a new craft blog " the sewing rabbit" ( how could I resist that title!) and found a free pattern for a "running belt" to carry stuff when exercising. I had a couple of scraps of lycra, so had a play around with some ideas.

This one has a phone pocket at the front, and zip pocket at the back. Probably should have made it a little bit smaller/ tighter as the lycra stretches so much with the weight of the phone. Can be worn over or under t shirt - not sure if I like it on top or not. But it fits ok, fairly snug, not bulky like a bum bag, just big enough for phone, keys, a couple of tissues, and of course the doggy poo bags! Not bad for a $2 scrap of lycra, and made 3 in about an hour (took a while working how best way to sew & pocket placement; not happy with the zip in the prototype but this one worked out much neater!). Will play around with pattern a bit more I think, but will need another lycra off cut first.

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