Friday, 29 January 2016

Pottering around...

Our side fence blew down in a big windstorm a few months back, so we finally had a the old fence removed and new one built yesterday. So in preparation, we spent Australia Day moving all the plants & pots & stuff away from the old fence (whilst listening to the Hottest 100 of course!).
When moving the pots and plants a few little pieces of succulents broke off, and we also found some new baby succulents growing.
Remember the succulent garden back around November 2014?

They kept on growing...

-and growing (can't find the most recent photo, but the tall thin cacti at the back on the left is quite tall now!
I found a couple of pots in the garden, plus some new little ones that had been in my craft cupboard for years. I got out my paints (any excuse to use the new copper metallic paint!), and voila!-

These were the brand new pots, and here is the next lot - before painting and after.

And here they are all potted up!

Except I was a bit too keen and potted ip the grey one on the left before finishing it off, so I carefully added a swirly copper line around the outside without dislodging a single pebble!

Hmmm, think I need a trip to Bunnings now to buy some more pots to paint!

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  1. These look fabulous. Do you seal the paint after?
    Thanks for visiting my blog. You will still see me at work - it was my other job! No changes with that job. Any way I hope I see you around at markets too :)

  2. I used my Jo Sonja's " clear glaze medium" ( also described as a "light surface sealer" to seal the pots first, I used it on the outside of some of the pots but prefer the more matt finish rather than the slight shine of the glaze. Pretty sure the border on the left hand side pot in the 4th photo is painted with the same paints. I painted it many years ago & it has been outside all of that time, so the paint should last for a while I hope!


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