Wednesday, 20 January 2016

I made a dress!

First I found this great striped off cut at RR a while back, just a half metre wide & about a metre long, not enough for a tee shirt front and back... But then a rummage around in the next remnant compartment turned up a metre of lovely soft bamboo jersey in black... they were made for each other!
It seemed a shame to cut off a bit of the stripe fabric to make a tee shirt, when the length was just enough to make an above- the- knee dress/ tunic top. I was cutting out (yet another) skirt at top scoop tee, and thought - what if I just lengthen it a bit, to fit the whole piece of stripe fabric, with black for the back and neck binding? So here it is-

Only after I finished sewing it up I remembered I had been going to put some pockets in the side seams! Too late now, oh well. Maybe I will make another one one day!

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  1. What a great dress! Perfect bet it will wash up easy and need no ironing. A real winner. Enjoy the last few days of holidays.

  2. Thanks Vicki, no ironing is definitely the way to go!


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