Monday, 25 April 2016

Birthday sewing

My niece Miss M was born on my birthday 13 years ago. I asked her mother for some birthday present ideas... When she told me Miss M loves fancy cushions & pillows I knew what to do.
A quick trip to Spotlight after work ( ok, not really that quick because I did get distracted by the 20c craft clearance table!)- yielded some gorgeous fabrics in the prefered colours of purple and aqua, plus some grey/ white/ black/ silver for contrast. None of which came from the standard furnishing/ upholstery section! But I think they turned out ok!!!


  1. Happy birthday to you, then!

  2. Happy Birthday to you and your niece! :)
    Gorgeous cushions - particularly like the sequin heart.

    See you Sunday :) Let's hope it is a nice day as predicted.

    1. Thanks! I was very pleased with the cushions; I had been hoping for purple fur, but apparently the " natural look" is the in thing for fake fur this year! But plain grey would have been a bit dull - hence the purple sequined heart!

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