Friday, 15 April 2016

Tie dye - the not so good result

When I unwrapped the still dripping wet fabric, it all looked fantastic. But then I had to leave it to drip dry - first mistake, the colour ran to the ends of the fabric.
Then the second boo boo - I used the old clothes horse, and the plastic is a bit cracked, so  the dripping wet fabric ended up with rust marks on it.
THEN I followed the instructions, from the packet and double checking online - and washed the fabric in hot water to supposedly set the dye. But instead all the lovely colours washed straight down the drain, leaving only the rust marks - of course! Bugger! The only minor conselation is that I didn' t wash the 2 t shirts, so I will iron them on hot instead to see if that sets the dye. Fingers crossed!

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  1. I was wondering how this had turned out. What a bugger! Hope you get better luck with the t-shirts. The fabric looks so pretty hanging over the clothes horse. Is it worth trying again fingers crossed the dye covers the rust? Or is it a case not to throw more $ after bad?
    Only a few weeks to Sussex street


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