Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Melbourne Maker Fair

We went to the first Melboune Maker Fair about 4 years ago, when 3D printing was just starting to appear. By the time the next fair came around - last month, 3D printing has really taken off. We were totally amazed by the array of 3D printed items at this year's fair.
The elephant has moving legs and trunk - and was printed all in one go, no assembly required! The dalek is hollow and had a mni motor inserted so it could move across the table.
How cool are the mini vases/ planters in the first photo? They were made by a " Geek girl" outfit, who focus on getting girls intetested in STEM subjects/ programming/ making.
I love the translucent green vase, and commented on how it was similar to one I saw on the ABC's " Bespoke" tv series last year- turns out it was basically the same one, the team who created the vase/ light fitting had a 4 minute spot on the tv show!

3D printed mini vases/planters
3D printer in action
Green vase/light shade 

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  1. Amazing! Now they move. Sorry I couldn't make it now.


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