Sunday, 5 March 2017

Saturday sewing

Saurday afternoon I actually got some sewing done! The Jedikid was at work, my H went fishing, and Tigetboy was doing battle with the Gotham underworld on the xbox.
The first sewing task was to make a denim pencil case, under instructions from the Jedikid, made to order & sewn up while he was doing his maths homework at the other end of the dining table. Even with putting in 2 zips I definitely had the easier task!

Pencil case done and given the tick of approval, I then sewed up 2 quick kimono sleeve tees and 1 boxy top ( all pre cut in the hols), finally hemmed the sleeves on a peppermint tee sewn up months ago, and did some minor alterations to some RTW jeans ( stitched down the pocket edges which were poorly made & only folded down, and added some elastic in the waistband to reduce the  gape at the back). 
A satisfying effort ( although there are still plenty more things on my sewing " to do list"!


  1. I'd definitely rather sew than do maths homework!

    1. Absolutely- specially year 11 maths, not my forte at all!!!

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  2. A Saturday well spent with great results. Bet it feels good to tick some projects off the list.


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