Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Work bag makeover

My work bag started to fall apart last year, and after a couple of months  of searching at op shops ( and using another bag, which I didn't like as much!)- I found another one just the same. I improved on it- and covered up the logo- by adding a zip pocket on the front. It is super handy to keep my lanyard & keys in, I can always find them & they don' t get lost or damaged in my bag.

My lovely work mate & desk buddy Fran turned up with a similar- but slightly larger- bag at work recently, and decided my front pocket addition was a great idea, so she asked me to give her bag a make over too- and she also requested owls! So I sewed up a pocket on the weekend, and bought her bag home tonight to add the pocket on. I also added a key clip and some velcro to bonus pocket behind the zip pocket.  Much more practical now!

Fran's bag

My bag before the makeover
My new work bag.

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  1. Everything's better with owls! Both bags look so unique now.

    Katie @ Katie Writes Stuff


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