Friday, 10 March 2017

Trying dyeing again

I bought a blue short sleeved cardigan at an op shop recently.  I liked the style but was not particulary taken with the sky blue colour. So I thought I would have a go at dying it, and found a great indigo denim blue rit powdered dye. The tricky part is you add salt to the dye bath for cotton, but vinegar for nylon- so what if the fabric is 50/50???
I also found a little white crochet top at the op shop today, I already have an almost identical one, so thought I could add it to the dyebath, along with a ball of bright white acyrlic yarn.
Everything looked brilliant in the dyebath, lovely denimy indigo colour, the yarn looked awesome...but then I had to tip the dye out & start rinsing. You can see the yarn colour in the dyebath, and once I started rinsing.  Everything is in the machine now for a final rinse. I think the cardi is a shade or two darker ( of course  I forgot to take a " before" photo.  But really, I suspect the thing that came out with the most colour on it is my right hand!!!

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  1. Hope you share pics of the finish results. What are you going to knit? I've heard hair conditioner gets ink/dye of your hands.


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