Thursday, 30 September 2010

Counting on kmart

Have you seen the newest kmart ad on tv? Keep an eye out for it, it is my new favourite ad. It is nothing fancy, just a mum and a 3 year old in a shopping trolley.  They are walking through a kmart store and and mum asks the little boy to look for some numbers "let's see if we can find some numbers" or somesuch. So he points out "5" and "2", and mum says "yes 2, hmm mugs $2, lets get ...2".

What is so good about this ad ? - it is about "environmental print" - how you teach your kids to be aware of print (words and numbers) around them in everyday life, the start of learning how to read! As  a primary teacher I love it!  The mum picking up 2 mugs to buy - even reinforces the concrete 1:1 number of 2 items, matching the printed number 2 on the sign!
I'm sure they didn't intend this ad to be a teaching tool, but it is just perfect!

Ok, I'm done raving about it now.

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  1. i was wondering if you have a copy of the ad, or know where i could get one ??


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