Friday, 24 September 2010

school holidays so far...

It has been a very quiet start to the school holidays this week, both boys have come down with a dreaded lurgy, and have not been up to much. But at least I have got some sewing done, finally used my owl fabric bought from GJ's ages ago to make a new handbag, and have been experimenting with a bought  pattern to make a skirt. I tried last hols with another pattern, it was a disaster! So I have been very good and made a "muslin" version out of calico first, which I have already had to modify once. Thank goodness I didn't cut it out of my good fabric!  And I am so glad I have been reading Nichola's blog   with regular sewing tips; she often talks about making a muslin first and tweaking patterns.
Pattern sizes are crazy- I had to cut out the size 18/16 pattern - to make a skirt the same size as my (op) shop bought size 10/12 skirts! Are  all  patterns like this?

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