Thursday, 2 September 2010

Speaking of birthday parties...

Tigerboy turned 7 yesterday! We had a mini party - afternoon tea and a play at the park with family and friends on the weekend. Tried out a new recipe for giant freckle biscuits found in a copy of good old WW left on the kitchen table at work earlier in the week.  When I say recipe... more that I used the idea - I made my usual "easy to roll out and cut shapes" biscuit  recipe - with added cocoa- and coated them in melted choc.  Much easier and better looking end result to dip the choc coated biscuits into a bowl of 100's & 1000's though than sprinkle like the recipe said - I would have been vacuuming those tiny coloured balls up for the next 6 months if I sprinked! Used nearly a whole bag of them too! They were very tasty though!
I made a batch of what I call "grown up" chocolate crackles, from the current Donna Hay kid's party annual. No copha - 'cos seriously, who keeps that in the fridge "just in case"?- but of course there are always rice bubbles (for last minute dinner invite mars bar slice) and cooking chocolate in the cupboard.

In fact there is a whole special section in the cupboard just for chocolate, I mean you have to buy up when it is on special don't you? And you never know when you might need to make mudcake, which now involves a block and a bit of chocolate thanks to Cadbury's stupid idea of reducing block size from 250g down to 200g -contrary to most recipes in my Cadbury Cookbook which require a 250g block. Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.  Anyway, the kids had a great time at the party and much yummy food was consumed by all. Must tell you  sometime about this year's  birthday cake challenge too, that was a doozy!

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