Thursday, 28 July 2016

2016 Craft & Quilt fair

I went to the craft show today!
I did not buy any fabric.
I looked at - and touched!- lots of lovely yarns, but I did not buy any wool.

I ate my lunch during a free " listen & learn" workshop about Boro Sashiko Stitching.
I had a chat to some lovely ladies from the Australian Sewing Guild. Pity there is not a closer group - the Essendon group meet on a Saturday, but in Avondale heights. The Roxburgh Park group I know how to get to easier, but they meet on a weekday morning. 

I said hello to the lady from the Yarn Barn and told her I like the colourful balls of wool in the shop window, because it looks like a big rainbow smile! Some other ladies were looking at the stall as I was walking by, I heard them say " oh it is only on cones for knitting machines" so I said " no look they have balls of wool too! It's my local, they have lots of gorgeous wool!!!" ( hmmm, my " local" is a yarn shop, not a pub!).

I saw some amazing quilts, soooo clever and wonderful.
I caught the tram home & met the eldest on his way home from school (so not cool to have your mum on the tram with you after school!!!).

  Boro fabrics and my favourite quilt - all that it needs is a TARDIS!  So very timey- wimey!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing your day. Did you buy? No fabric no wool just "window shopping"?. I can't fit it in this time no days free! And I would want to spend the whole day there looking and feeling.
    Now I would probably have sat next to my son and told him all about what I saw at the craft show just to make the whole tram ride a really memorable experience! :)

  2. I was there, too, but didn't see you!

  3. I worked some extra hours & swapped my days around so I could go today!
    Haha that would have been funny! I did buy a couple of things, including a big cutting mat for a friend- which I had my son carry home from the tram for me!
    Vireya- I think I may have spotted you today! But I wasn't sure if it was you so I didn't say hi!


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