Saturday, 30 July 2016

Hidden pocket skirt - free via Fabric Restash!

I have never sewn with scuba fabric before, so when I spotted a piece at Restash the other week, I quickly snaffled it!  ( Thanks FunkBunny for donating it in the first place!)

There was just enough to squeeze out a new hidden pocket skirt. I really need to draw up a proper pattern for it, as I cut the front out too short & had to join a piece inside the pocket.  You can' t see it, but I can feel the seam which I didn't think through properly, and should have sewn differently - it feels a bit bulky, should have made a bigger seam allowance & sewn this down flat afterwards.  Oh well, live & learn!
Now I think I need to make some more plain coloured tops to wear with it, the crazy, funky print is waaaay to busy to wear with stripes!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome. Like to know how it is to wear and bet it washes up real well. Keep my eye out for some new tops coming soon :)


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