Sunday, 17 July 2016

Heat pack obi belt

I have always wanted to try to make one of these - a fancy belt to hold a heat pack. So when I heard that a dear friend of mine has had some major back issues, I thought it was the perfect time to try and make one. I had an obi belt heat pack pattern in the book " One yard wonders" for inspiration, plus the ladies' belt pattern from " You sew girl" and did a kind of mash up of the two patterns.
Materials included a combination of some of the black drill from Restash; some fat quarters purchased at the craft show a few years ago; bag rings bought from  Nicole Mallalieu, and a bit of black iron on interfacing. I am quite pleased with the result, - and so was my friend Samantha! -might just have to make one for myself now.


  1. Sounds like a great idea! Think I could use one of those myself at times.

  2. What a cool idea. Looks great.

  3. Thanks! I am really happy with the result- both the design and the colour combo!


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