Monday, 18 July 2016

Where is the green sheep?

I love Mem Fox,  I love babies. So when a  member of my husband's family had a baby last week, I knew I wanted to give the new family a gift of some picture books (hey I am a teacher after all,  I am always going to  gift books to kids at every oportunity!)
I thought I would try to make a green sheep to go with the " Where is the green sheep?" book. And being a sheep, it would have to be knitted, of course!  After spending quite a bit of time looking at various ( free) and easy knitting patterns on line, I ended up with a green sheep! He needed an extra woolly coat to look more sheep like ( without it he looked more like a cow!)  I think he turned out ok!


  1. Awesome! Congrats on the new arrival. Bet the new addition will carry your sheep around and love it. Love that story too. Have a large collection of Mem Fox - keeping for the grand kids one day (hopefully not to soon!).

  2. Ha ha- I know what you mean! The presents were a hit - including with the family's dog who showed no interest in the books at all but suddenly jumped up for a closer look when the parcel with the sheep was opened ( uncanny ability to recognise a soft toy!)


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