Monday, 11 July 2016

Fairfield Restash 2016

A huge thank you to Team Restash- Sarah, Jane and Anna - for organizing the Melboure Restash event on Saturday.
I took along 3 bags of fabric, and my friend Janine also took a bag to donate/ swap!
It was a lovely afternoon and great to meet some lovely "blog ladies" in real life. We had lots of fun looking through the fabric and yarns, and especially the huge amount of patterns. There were some vintage patterns with classic drawings on them, I wish now I had've snaffled a couple of them just for the pictures!

I came home with a modest selection of 4 patterns and 4 pieces of fabric, though I have already given a piece of black gaberdine to Janine (she is  planning to make some cushions from a piece fabric collected on Saturday, so the black piece will be useful to back the cushions & thus stretch the grey print fabric a bit further!).

I am hoping to make one of my secret pocket skirts from the funky scuba print I found.  The fox print fleece is for my sister who loves foxes ( we even had a pet fox cub for a week or two when we were kids!). The black drill was earmarked for a project for work but after catching up with a friend yesterday I think I will try and make her an obi style belt to hold a heat pack against her sore back.  The retro green print will become a skirt, maybe the Simplicity " Amazing fit" pattern I got on Saturday!

And look, I even found a picture of me on Saturday- found via Blogless Anna, hope you don't mind me being very cheeky and taking a screenshot Anna! I think this was taken not long after we arrived and I was still trying to sort my fabric out and find room for it on the tables.  There was a LOT of fabric!!!


  1. Hi Dianne, you should have said hello! I knew I knew you from somewhere... Thanks for coming, glad you enjoyed :-)

  2. Thanks for coming Dianne. It was such a fun afternoon. You grabbed some great fabric & patterns. We are thinking Restash round two in the first quarter of 2017.

  3. Glad you had a super time! I was so pleased with what I came home with too! Sarah :)

  4. Thank you lovely ladies! Of course the only down side was that Restash was at the end of the school holidays and not the start, less time to fit in sewing time now!!!

  5. I like the skirt pattern you picked up. Sounds like fun. I agree should be at the start of the hols so you could whip everything up! Great pic - I see you are wearing that fab skirt :)


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